Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Which university is the cheapest for Master's degree?

Graduate fees in the UK vary between institutions and between different courses. There is no such thing as a cheap university in the UK compared to the average Nigerian university fees, but there are some that are less costly than others and some may even be comparable to Nigerian fees.

But arts courses (i.e. classroom based courses) are generally cheaper than science courses (based in labs or workshops). Generally speaking the more prestigious the university the higher the fees (there is a widely held conception that the more prestigious the university the easier employment is - we tend to agree, but there is hope for all graduates nonetheless).

Fees change yearly but for a quick VERY BASIC comparison of international fees please try the following link:,,2281001,00.html

However this list fails to mention the many private universities that exist in the UK. Whilst providing the same courses and approved accreditation (sometimes accredited by state universities - meaning your certificate will bear the state university's name), they often offer a cheaper alternative to studying at state universities and for many Nigerians will be the best option. With all these universities on offer it can be quite confusing on which one to choose. For more detailed advice on choosing a course and financing it, along with assistance please reply this post or check out If you have any other questions don't hesitate to post on this blog.

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